Fabolous, A-Boogie and Tech Talk With Celebrity Manager Kevin Webb

January 30, 2018





The owner of Webb Music Pro, Kevin Webb, is no novice in the hip-hop music industry. With 20 years of experience under his belt, Webb has worked with renown entertainers such as Jay-Z, Diddy, Pharell and Timberland. In addition, he has successfully spearheaded the careers of several hip-hop icons, including Fabolous and A-Boogie. Handling all aspects of their music careers, encompassing marketing and merchandising, Webb has become a recognized as a leading brand strategist in the world of hip-hop. 


How did you become a manager in the music industry? 


       "I started off as a party promoter. During that time I developed a good relationship with music industry executives and DJs. Through these connections I was able to make my way into the music industry. My first client was the rapper Fabolous."  


 What ingredient do you think has been most essential in making your career a success?


      "Actually I feel its a couple of key ingredients that have attributed to my success. They include prayer, hard work and transparency. There are a lot of obstacles you face each day in the music industry. Prayer keeps me focused and protects me. Hard work keeps me searching for new opportunities for my clients. And, transparency allows me to be honesty and keep it real with those that I deal with. I believe these factors have helped me to remain integral and cultivate key relationships that have attributed to my



Tell us a little about your experience managing two major hip-hop artists such as Fabolous and A-Boogie?


      "It has been truly rewarding working with both Fabolous and A-Boogie. I had the privilege to manage Fabolous for 14 years. During that time I gained a lot of experience in the industry negotiating major contracts, including recording and licensing deals. By the time I started managing A-Boogie I had a lot of experience under my belt. I was able to use that, along with my contacts and connections in the industry, to help A-Boogie gain one of the most lucrative deals of his time. To be apart of that is a wonderful blessing."





How did your connection to Fabolous and A-Boogie come about?


      "Ironically I met both Fab and A-Boogie in the New York City housing projects. The only difference is, I met Fabolous in Brooklyn and I met A-Boogie in the Bronx. After being introduced to him by a mutual friend and seeing how incredibly talented he was, I hooked him up with DJ Clue and the rest was history! Fabolous was signed to Desert Storm and became one of the most noted rappers in hip-hop. I had a similar encounter with A-Boogie. I went to his hood in the Bronx and listened to him rap. On spot I knew his sound would change the hip-hop game."


What are some tips you can give to an upcoming business mogul in the music industry?


     "First, make sure you are knowledgeable about the music industry. Study as much as you can. And, if possible find a good mentor. Second, be consistent and never give up. Sometimes things take a minute to happen, but when the doors open so many opportunities come in. If you are passionate about what you do and work hard at it eventually your hard work will pay off!"  



        Webb's latest venture, Webb Music Pro now gives independent artist a seasoned management guru at the click of a button. For minimal fees, artists are guided step-by-step through artist development by top music industry executives and are groomed to be marketable to receive a recording deal. The toping on the cake is through this app subscribers are promised a record deal within 12 months, with a money back guarantee! That's a sweet and promising deal for struggling artists who typically have little to no access to high ranking record. The Webb Music Pro App is definitely a game changer. With the same incentive as highly publicized shows such as American Idol and The Voice, now the everyday striving artist can get a fair shot at a recording deal. Technology has leveled out the scales and anyone with talent has an opportunity at stardom!


Follow him and his team:

Instagram @webbmusicgroup 
Facebook @webbmusicpro


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