March 7, 2018



 You can already sense that the track is street rap track after feeling the old soul music in the background before Trap Dollas kicks in with his rap. The scenery would enlighten you that the video is no ordinary trap music decorated with cash and video vixens. The video production team sees to it that video momentarily captures what the street is like, Trap Dollas smoking, an angry man yelling on the streets and singing by a liquor store. The streets of the east side, walls covered in graffiti and street lights all reminded me of the old school hip-hop music like 2 Pac and Notorious BIG whose videos were mainly shot in the streets. Gang violence was the theme in the 80’s and still reigns some parts of the east coast. The choice of the video producer to shoot it at night was a great considering Trap Dollas wants to give hell to both the fans, competitors and those girls that did not have time for him.


Dollas spits harsh and heartbreaking bars, warning women to come at their best and for dudes to not come at all. The track is already a hood classic with its authentic lyricism and raw expression. The rapper is 100% real about who he is and shows us a snippet of a day in his life. Behind the music and visual, you can feel the artistry of the rapper who exposes his pain and life perspective through his lines.




Instagram: @fyf_twisttrapdollas

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