Te'chan Wants To Spread God & Positivity In His Music

August 15, 2018



What inspired you to do what you do?

"The thought of having a powerful yet positive impact on people's lives is already encouraging by itself. I want to actually make a difference by connecting with people on a deeper level musically than most and show them how we are all humans that go through the same emotions and problems daily. What really drives me to want to connect with people to begin with is God and that's no doubt! Everyone's story deserves to be told so because I am in a position where I can express mine behind a beat...and knowing i can at least reach one person, that inspires me enough to thrive and continue to make music."

How did you start in this industry?

"I started off Independent just releasing a few samples here and there and generated a sufficient buzz for myself, I'm still in the early beginning stages of my career so anywhere i go from now is up!
Currently, I'm still independent and working towards creating a lot of content at this point in my career and continue to study the craft and art of music. When the time is right and I have enough material to put together, Im looking forward to connecting with the right people to put together a project. So far my journey has been a little rocky but I was already expecting road blocks while chasing my dreams."

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


"Five years from now I see myself touring not only here in the U.S but overseas and attending school to become a guest speaker for the youth. God willing by that time, I will have a few artists up under me that will continue the legacy of spreading peace and love and make that movement go viral. I see myself building an empire and by that time already creating my own lane musically. I just stand out from the other artists.
Five years from now only God knows, maybe I'll be in a few shows or be in a series or something. Anything is possible for one who believes."

Listen to Te'chan on Spotify here.

Instagram: @ilovebeinfresh

Twitter: ilovebeinfresh

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