LHHATL's Very Own Tabius Tate Drops An R&B Classic



All-American basketball player and Love & Hip-Hop star, Tabius Tate serves up a lover’s serenade in releasing 'Karma Of A Heartbreaker'. The title alone suffices in setting the tone for what listeners can anticipate in accessing Tabius’ world through music. This project goes into depth about the problems that stem from the transgressions endured during past relationships, while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of fighting through pain.  



The project kicks off with When I Was Down, which is the untold story of questions rendered from the come-up. Delayed gratification plays an integral role in how acquired success is reflected among others, especially the ones closest to you. In a world so cold, it’s of great importance to keep love alive and forgiveness in your heart.  


Never starts off with a melodic piano solo before transitioning into a vibrant futuristic acoustic. Once the bag comes in, it’s mind-boggling the difference or sudden change in how people perceive you. When in essence, they never showed love from the beginning. Feelings conceptualizes the idea behind the absence of exhibiting love. It’s almost as if we’re living in a surface level world, incapable of penetrating the inner layering of what makes life all the more worthwhile living. In order to maintain the status quo, one must get out yo’ feelings.


Forever elaborates on the story of reminiscing on a time where there aren’t enough hours in a day to spend with a loved one. Tabius had some assistance on the track in teaming up with Luccie Fontane for a harmonizing chorus that channeled a lover’s delight.  




Ways taps into how complacency can become a burden in your life. Posing the quintessential question of when will change manifest, with a suggested remedy of slowing down in an effort to save yourself. Love Songs is pain laid to rest on a soothing guitar infused 808. Falling out of love can be one of the most dreadful experiences and it’s not any easier when the signs are blatant. Especially when it’s gets to the point of being sick and tired of the same old song.  


Better Man focuses on the significance of moments and what role we play in each other's life. A time long sought for where it’s not certain if the love is forever or just for a moment. Wishing for a do-over to make things right, a second opportunity at a love that yet remains.  


New Kings grabs a verse from Nick Grant in an effort to exhibit team-play off the court. Truth personified in a forceful bravado that screams a ‘born ready’ mentality. Bring Love Back helps bring awareness on the lack of love that exist in the world today. Affection, something so simple yet yearned for in the utmost regard. Love is constructive, capable of setting the foundation for a spiritual growth that stands the testament of time.  


Self-Love is a direct reflection of the personal aspect of life that stems from the love that exist within. In order to be able to give your all to someone, you must be willing to love yourself. Keke Wyatt joined in for some fun on this record in helping convey this message effortlessly. Peezi 2 Real tagged in for the track Everybody, which highlights the traits associated with people that tend to indulge in promiscuity.   


Love Again ties the project together in serenading the underlying message echoed throughout the context of the entire project. The window of opportunity in hopes of finding true love is significantly impacted by the depth of karma acquired from past relationships. When it’s all said and done, everyone deserves to be happy but you must first be happy with yourself and love from within.   


Over the recent years Tabius has shown growth through his actions and his music. From sleeping in his car to starring in Love & Hip Hop to the release of his well made debut album Karma Of A Heartbreaker, it's only up from here! The new project comes just in time for Valentine's day providing every emotion a man may feel during this holiday and that a woman may wonder or want to hear. Either way the album is an R&B hit and make sure to take a listen below!





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